"Youth" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant
"Youth" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant
"Youth" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant

"Youth" pink Quartz necklace

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Inner well-being: Treat yourself to the Rose Quartz Youth Necklace!

The "Youth" necklace in Rose Quartz is a jewel revealing an intense and special vibrational frequency. It is considered one of the most powerful and most likely to promote the expression of your inner essence. This beautiful necklace is made of Rose Quartz, a powerful stone with many benefits. Rose Quartz exudes a vibrational frequency that allows for a better connection with one's heart, life essence and unconditional love vibration. It also allows the release of the close connection with emotional wounds and promotes the healing process. In addition, it stimulates the heart system, the adrenal glands and uniquely own subjects, while reducing skin inflammations such as burns and sunburn. In addition, the vibratory frequency of rose quartz will allow people affected by emotional trauma or heartache, to learn to relax to let emotional wounds pass, serious cases or not, by very effectively lowering their impact on the physical plane, but especially physical. Taken for a long time, this necklace can open our natural inner dialogue to root out any negative emotions that have been parked for some time & soothe the intensity of the cases involved, such as during the surge of hormones specific to the menstrual cycle which induces in you excessively subtle initial changes, Once this internal dialogue is accepted, you will learn to recognize that all that happens shapes the found inner peace & your personal development towards greater empathy. The "Youth" necklace in rose quartz therefore allows us to take advantage of the exceptional benefits linked to the high loving vibrational frequency which goes back to the direct source to recharge your body.


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: approx. 69 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Rose quartz stone

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