Bracelet "Mantra" en Cuivre blanc - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Mantra" en Cuivre blanc - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Mantra" en Cuivre blanc - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Mantra" en Cuivre blanc - Moonstone Pendant

White Copper "Mantra" Bracelet

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The White Copper Mantra Bracelet, a Unique Piece to Enhance Your Appearance!

The "Mantra" bracelet in white copper is a beautiful jewel inspired by the art of the Tibetan and Buddhist tradition highlighting the mantra "Om Mani Padme Um", which means "jewel of the lotus". The use of white copper for this article has a spiritual meaning since copper has beneficial properties for health and according to traditional Chinese medicine, it has an ability to bring balance in the energy exchanges between living beings and their environment. In addition, the properties of white copper can also relieve the pain of arthritis. The “Mantra” bracelet reflects the set of Buddha particles represented by the sacred name “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which means: “Om this venerable being, Mani the main jewel and Padme sounds like a flower or Lotus”. This mantra therefore symbolizes the indivisible unity between the method and the knowledge or knowledge to which we can adhere to understand more deeply our own existence and my adequate glandular functioning. Buddhist traditions suggest that the repetitive chanting of this sound can bring us back to our common roots and rediscover our joy of divine unity in a path that can be taken among all to achieve spiritual satisfaction, regardless of your cultural background. Going back to the dawn of time, this om sound adores without end towards an immense compassion allowing each being a powerful blood circulation towards his neighbor - vis au vis - finding his consciousness which lost during his previous incarnations in OM (Being), MANI (Jewels) and PADME (Lotus).

✹ ✔ LENGTH: 15 - 20 cm (adjustable) ✔ MATERIALS: White copper (999/1000 pure silver plated)

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