Unification Turquoise Ring | ecomboutique116
Unification Turquoise Ring | ecomboutique116
Unification Turquoise Ring | ecomboutique116

"Unification" Turquoise Ring

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Turquoise Unification Ring: A Unique Piece Full of Symbolism

The Turquoise Unification Ring is designed with exceptional features. The Turquoise Stone will not only open your heart and your general sense of well-being, but will also guide you to positive emotional states. The design of this ring has been specially thought out to amplify the beneficial properties of Turquoise. Its slender size enables it to be perfectly positioned on the index finger when worn, activating the energy field and contributing to greater sensitivity to feelings of unconditional love and non-judgment. This ring, bathed by the immune system, enhances our ability to synthesize and think clearly: a good night's sleep becomes possible by harmoniously stimulating the nasal passages. The high-quality alloy, crafted from pure, carefully selected materials, helps to avoid physical alienation. This Turquoise Stone Unification Ring has been designed to fit standard finger sizes (size guide available). Whether it's for an eye condition or an anti-depressant role, this jewel brings you its physical and energetic properties so you can regain a sense of general comfort and more peaceful behavior.

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