Bracelet baroque en Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet baroque en Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet baroque en Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant

Turquoise baroque bracelet

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Turquoise Baroque Bracelet: Give Your Look Authentic Charm!

The Baroque bracelet in Turquoise brings a multitude of benefits for your physical and spiritual health. Turquoise is considered one of the oldest gemstones that are used for medicinal purposes. It is recognized for its beneficial action on the immune and digestive system, as well as for relieving sore eyes and nasal passages. Furthermore, it also promotes openness of heart and unconditional love, blunting the perception of the duality between good and evil. The Baroque Turquoise bracelet develops a sense of non-judgment and a spirit of synthesis to help achieve a more positive emotional state, facilitate physical alienation and encourage a peaceful behavior rich in clear ideas. Indeed, it reinforces the action not only on your energy field but also on your inner wisdom in order to give a feeling of general well-being and allow you to fully experience your personal development. We are convinced that our Turquoise Baroque Bracelet will offer you a real powerful help to strengthen your Physiological Energetics and give you the joy you need every day!

✹ ✔ LENGTH: approx. 17.80 cm ✔ STONE SIZE: 5 - 8 mm ✔ MATERIALS: Turquoise stone

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