Tree of life Tiger’s eye necklace | ecomboutique116
Tree of life Tiger’s eye necklace | ecomboutique116
Tree of life Tiger’s eye necklace | ecomboutique116
Tree of life Tiger’s eye necklace | ecomboutique116

"Tree of life" Tiger's eye necklace

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Tiger's Eye Necklace: The Unique Beauty of the Tree of Life!

The Tiger's Eye "Tree of Life" Necklace is a timeless and important universal symbol for many of us. The symbol of the Tree of Life covers a meaning that dates back to ancient times. The image of a tree with its deep roots that go underground and its branches that touch the sky symbolizes physical and spiritual growth, as well as human aspirations. It is therefore a powerful tool for making important decisions. Thanks to our Tiger's Eye "Tree of Life" necklace, you will be able to have this precious help and feel more sure in your choices. The Eye of the Tiger is a powerful Symbol associated with the Force of Life and designates the positive role that a being plays as an intermediary between the physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. The methodical nature with courage, irony and honesty that the Tiger represents make him a spiritual guide used by many during difficult or complex times to face his destiny with a better perception of the present and future time The Tree of Life Necklace also includes the Unusual Benefits that Tiger's Eye confers, such as protection against non-positive or harmful thoughts since it is said that this stone has the Gift of stopping any harmful situation in its tracks so that you can take this situation on your own towards a more conscious. Thanks to it, you feel rising in you a supernatural force which brings well-being, inner peace, self-control, concentration, insurance and protection. But that's not all ! When consciously using this stone strengthens your feeling of "anchoring", increasing to the sacred boundaries that frame our human cases without closing off completely to the outside world. This allows you to better explore


✹ ✔ LENGTH OF THE NECKLACE: approximately 84 cm ✔ SIZE OF THE STONES: 6 mm ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone

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