Rose Quartz "Tree of Life" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Rose Quartz "Tree of Life" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Rose Quartz "Tree of Life" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant

"Tree of Life" Rose Quartz Necklace

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Rose Quartz Necklace - A Tree of Life to Wear Around Your Neck

Our "Tree of Life" Rose Quartz Necklace is made from a Stone that is known for its powerful benefits. Rose Quartz helps you open your heart to create close bonds and strengthen the vibrational frequency of love released by this stone. Skin problems can be relieved, and it is also very protective on a physical level. Thus, in the face of heartache, Rose Quartz accompanies you towards harmony and inner peace. Our necklace is 50cm long and the pendant is 2cm by 2cm. Rose Quartz supports the healing of emotional trauma by offering positive and protective energies that help repel negative ones. For a long time, Rose Quartz can lessen the pain caused by emotional wounds. As well as for more common problems such as negative inner dialogue or disorders of the cardiac system or even excited adrenal glands. It enhances its adoption with a physical influence even going so far as to relieve certain minor pains or illnesses such as superficial burns. The main role of rose quartz is to facilitate the development of empathy and physical well-being-fulfillment: to treat the course of their menstrual cycle, to play a prophylactic role for a long period against certain problems in women and to restore their own autonomous subject affiliated with the good feelings: energetically calm but Physically Recharges all the force put in place in order to achieve this absolute physical well-being.

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