Tree of life charm Tiger’s eye bracelet | ecomboutique116
Tree of life charm Tiger’s eye bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Tree of life" charm Tiger's eye bracelet

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The Tiger's Eye Tree of Life Charm Bracelet: Up to the Warmth of the Sun in the Palace of the Vintage Kingdom

The Tiger's Eye "Tree of Life" charm bracelet is a complete solution to help you with the different aspects of your personality. First designed from Tiger Eye Stone, this jewel provides benefits for the recovery and improvement of eye disorders and poor night vision. Also, its potency helps release headaches, negative emotions such as spiritual ego and develops the mind in a more methodical way. It even improves the digestive system and promotes positive thoughts. Comprising a DIAMETER OF BEADS made from a very resistant metal with a stainless silver clasp which firmly holds the bracelet around the wrist thanks to the integrated hook system for a secure fit. Comfortable, this jewel accessory transmits a positive natural energy to all those who make important decisions and promotes unconditional love as well as conscious understanding towards shy and introverted people. This crystalline stone produces a broad energy by absorbing the sun's rays for a protective wall as well as a remarkable spiritual evolution in your subconscious before each day or "first time" begins. So see you at the minutes all on all!

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