Tree of life charm Onyx bracelet | ecomboutique116
Tree of life charm Onyx bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Tree of life" charm Onyx bracelet

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The Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet Symbolizes Your Best Version of Yourself

The Onyx "Tree of Life" charm bracelet was designed to offer the benefits of wearing a black stone. The stones have developed through their activating properties, which allows for greater energy circulation and fluidity. The small sizes of the stones guarantee the total absorption of the energies of the jewel by the wearer while the metal brings positive vibrations from which the onyx feeds. This "Tree of Life" Bracelet will help you free yourself from negative external influences and maintain your freedom from physical tension. The main benefits of onyx include the reduction of dark thoughts, the development of extrasensory abilities and a feeling of armor against psychological attacks. This onyx stone also eases difficulties more easily by bringing a responsible attitude to difficult situations and an inner calm to overcome the phase of denial. Its action can be felt on certain chakras, such as that of the solar plexus which is used to achieve better personal control or that of the root chakra to protect against the harmful effects linked to hair loss or the nervous/immune system. The bracelet is long to balance your wrist and steadily distribute karmic energies while stimulating the lymphatic system to bring an intimate calm conducive to growth and transformation by tempering a difficult time. It also invites us to modify our ways of thinking thanks to its Tree of Life, which will promote spiritual openness to the world around us in order to appease our dark aspects.

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