Necklace "Tree of life" in Amethyst - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Tree of life" in Amethyst - Moonstone Pendant

"Tree of life" Amethyst Necklace

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Amethyst Tree of Life Necklace: Give Yourself a Symbol of Eternity!

The Amethyst "Tree of Life" Necklace protects and strengthens deep health thanks to the benefits of amethyst which make it a universal stone. With its length of 45 cm, this necklace is the ideal companion for deep meditations and promotes spiritual development. It is known to have a big impact on the good energy circuits in the nervous system and the production of hormones that provide a feeling of inner peace. The pendant made from a cut crystal includes a Tree of Life, symbol of an absolute connection with nature; an amethyst stone that exhibits an intense violet-blue hue. Its format has 3 cm - ideal for nourishing the crown chakra and maintaining the endocrine glands, clearly visible by its pretty octagonal shape - as well as a vast holographic radiation bringing active oxygenation to your blood for a higher quality of sleep and mental clarity until your young age. The Amethyst "Tree of Life" Necklace should be worn optimally in order to offer its beneficial properties not only to its wearer but to his family. It will serve as an antidote to fight against the ambient panic: newborns, parents and grand- parents will be delighted by this holistic protection that everyone wants Myth!

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