Tiger's eye fragrance diffuser necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Tiger's eye fragrance diffuser necklace - Moonstone Pendant

Tiger's eye fragrance diffuser necklace

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Tiger's Eye Perfume Diffuser Necklace: A Unique and Subtle Wild Aura

The Tiger's Eye Perfume Diffuser Necklace is a powerful and profound Juwelian dedicated to the person who wears it. It is an ancestral stone whose benefits have been recognized for thousands of years by cultures around the world. The properties of Tiger's Eye are diverse: it helps to make important decisions, improves poor night vision, reduces the yin and yang tendencies present in us, brings reflection for the good recovery of your eyes. Each Tiger's Eye can highlight different aspects of your personality. At the first time of use, only a few minutes are necessary to see the benefits of the product appear. Tiger's Eye will help combat spiritual arrogance and provide a methodical mind to shy people so they can have more self-confidence. It will also help restore inner calm after negative emotions such as sadness or depression. In addition, it will relieve digestive system problems related to a lack of physical activity or an unhealthy diet. The Tiger's Eye fragrance diffuser necklace will provide positive energy that will help in particular with spiritual development and helps to overcome psychic shields allowing better interaction with the body-mind and will allow greater visual clarity thanks to the mirror virtues of the crystal. Finally, our necklaces will absorb the unconditional love of vibrant colors combined with the Energy of the sun contained in the stone which provides a positive and nurturing energy field trying to bring in your positive thoughts. Our Perfume Diffuser Necklace will therefore help you fundamentally on your way to


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: approx. 69 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone, stainless steel

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