Tiger eye wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Tiger eye wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Tiger eye wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant

Tiger eye wrap bracelet

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Brilliant Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet to Add Panache to Your Look

The Tiger Eye wrap bracelet is the perfect solution to vibrate on a whole new level. It is a spiritual stone that strengthens our light, and helps us to regulate our different aspects of our personality. At the first beat of minutes all, it gradually tunes into the subtle midtones that transform your spiritual ego into a very open and even socially developed person. If you are a rather shy person, Tiger's Eye will help transmute negative emotions such as fear or excessive desires, their absence resulting in a methodical and rational mind to make the right important decisions. Additionally, this bracelet is backed with tiger eye benefits to heal physical and psychic ailments of the wearer like eye troubles with poor night vision, headaches and digestive system issues. Our wrap bracelet will contribute to complete and harmonious physiological visual and psychic recovery which will be maintained by the continuous absorption of pure mental energy thanks to the positive attraction combined with its encouraging magical powers. Finally, this natural balance offered by Tiger's Eye directly reflects the diffusion of the protective energy field filled with unconditional love which keeps your mind clear so that you constantly benefit from powerful involuntary wisdom like an invisible wall allowing the wearer to invite positive thoughts to its source effortlessly to the fine attentions coming directly from the sun to move to other spiritually stimulating levels towards its desired spiritual enlightenment.

✹ ✔ BRACELET LENGTH: approximately 15.20 cm + 3 adjustment buckles ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone, leather

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