Aquamarine "Tenderness" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Aquamarine "Tenderness" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Aquamarine "Tenderness" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Tenderness" Aquamarine earrings

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Tenderness Earrings in Aquamarine for Elegant and Classic Outfits

Tenderness" Earrings in Aquamarine have a gentle, protective vibration that will delight travelers and sailors alike. Like Aquamarine itself, they protect their wearers on land and at sea, providing both physical and spiritual benefits. Aquamarine is renowned for its powerful physical and mental BENEFITS. It improves general vitality and has a tonic effect on the immune system, endocrine gland function and heart rate. It helps reduce nervous tension and high blood pressure, and can relieve eyestrain, seasickness and blood disorders caused by heavy exposure to seawater. It also acts as a point of reference in the artistic professions, fostering creativity and reinforcing a general receptiveness to information from the etheric plane. The Aquamarine "Tenderness" Earrings therefore possess all the herbal benefits attributed to Aquamarine Stone: it offers a protective effect during great crossings or thrilling periods of your existence; it gives people a calming effect when needed; it offers the benefits of other soft stones that form an important part of your personal therapeutic arsenal; the Aquamarine "Tenderness" Earrings boxes are a great way to take advantage of the unique spiritual properties of this Stone's subtle nuanced variations to even design your everyday look!

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