Boucles d'oreilles "Symbiose" en Labradorite
Labradorite "Symbiosis" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Symbiosis" Labradorite earrings

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An Evening Dress Sublimated by Symbiosis Earrings in Labradorite and Zircon

Symbiose labradorite earrings are a wake-up call for all women suffering from premenstrual syndrome. At these distressing times, negative energy is at its peak, and it's important that inharmonious energies are eliminated to reduce feelings of insecurity and blood pressure. Labradorite is a stone renowned for its benefits in promoting calm, inner stability and reducing stress levels. Combined with our Symbiose earrings, it acts on all the important elements dreamed of by this difficult period: abdominal cramps, memories of the past and global vision. By helping to assimilate new ideas and analyze isolated elements with their useless egregores, it enables a significant improvement in each symptom until its complete resolution. Thanks to the energetic properties attributable to its specific stone, labradorite not only helps relieve symptoms linked to premenstrual syndrome, but can also contribute to resolving various respiratory or eye problems, as well as reducing overall daily stress levels to more easily find your way to physical and psychological well-being.  Labradorite Symbiosis Earrings therefore offer you a wide range of benefits with regard to this distressing female menstrual cycle!


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 4.5 -5 cm ✔ MATERIALS: labradorite stone, copper

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