Sincerity Onyx wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116
Sincerity Onyx wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Sincerity" Onyx wrap bracelet

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Affirmed Sincerity with the Splendid Onyx Wrap Bracelet

Endowed with the benefits of the onyx stone at the origin of its magnificent black pearls, the Onyx "Sincerity" Wrap Bracelet can activate your blood circulation and make you aware of the dark thoughts that bother you. Ideal for developing your extra sensory abilities and balancing karmic energies that can affect your responsible attitude, this bracelet is very powerful in releasing physical tensions as well as psychological attacks. It perfectly stimulates the solar plexus and the nervous system and has the benefit of increasing your immune system and regaining inner calm in the event of a phase of denial. Placed at the level of the root chakra, the onyx stone helps to regain good physical health, especially if you are a victim of hair loss. The main characteristics of the Onyx "Sincerity" Wrap Bracelet are adaptable to any difficult period to find the best possible control of your mode of long-term thinking. The pearls have a diameter ranging between 8mm & 6mm and an exclusively black color corresponding perfectly to the Oynx stone "Sincerity and Beauty". Endowed with excellent magnetic properties, this stone promotes a responsible attitude in difficult situations!

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