"Serenity" necklace in Tiger's eye - Moonstone Pendant
"Serenity" necklace in Tiger's eye - Moonstone Pendant

"Serenity" Tiger's eye necklace

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Unique and Timeless Jewel: The Tiger Eye Serenity Necklace

The "Serenity" Tiger's Eye Necklace is a jewel combining protection, balance and style. Its composition in Tiger Eye Stone would opt for its length of 17-19 inches (45-50 cm) with beads of a diameter of beads by 0.8 mm made in sterling silver is just magnificent! The benefits of Tiger's Eye would transmit a spiritual force such as efforts, success and courage which would allow you to increase your ability to make important decisions or even reduce headaches or even the restoration of the eyes as well as their possible problems and many other eye disorders that cause poor night vision In addition, this stone representing the different aspects of your personality would bring you serenity, shy? This necklace symbolizes the maturity to constitute one's conscious personal space and to find there one's first emotional time frees the cycles; it only takes a few minutes in the first phase to focus on the SPIRITUAL EGO which brings you strong protection against a receptive mind to intuitive messages quite often drowned among negative emotions such as fear, anxiety…. From the moment the process of flexible acceptance begins immediately arrival accompanied by the methodical spirit to transition to the Spiritual Time Evolution and will solve a number of problems with the problems of the digestive system to attract positive thoughts on this attachment having created this infallible wall around in particular under the combined effect of Stone tiger eye absorbing both the Energy of the Sun and Moon but its Light Frame. The "Serenity" Necklace in Otteli therefore makes it much easier for you to approach and deepen your consciousness in spiritual work.

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