"Sacred Heart" Necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Sacred Heart" Necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Sacred Heart" Necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Sacred Heart" Necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant

"Sacred Heart" Labradorite Necklace

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Labradorite Sacred Heart Necklace: Awaken Your Inner Power and Shine Your Light!

The "Sacred Heart" in labradorite was designed for women who live with premenstrual syndrome. Labradorite is a very powerful stone and considered to be beneficial for all, as it helps to restore harmony and inner balance between positive and negative interactions. Labradorite offers many benefits to everyone including the improvement of abdominal cramps, the release of memories of the past and a more holistic view of things. Labradorite also helps protect against external negative energies and cleanses important aspects of our being. The "Sacred Heart" Necklace is made exclusively with labradorite, which makes it a product of inestimable benefits for those who suffer from premenstrual syndrome. This stone offers an ENERGETIC sensation that soothes and calms those who are going through this painful period. It does have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can lower blood pressure, bring the intimate calm one needs at times like this, and provide relief to face those tough times. The unique properties of labradorite also help to achieve healthier goals, not to mention that this stone soothes any feelings of personal or collective insecurity by ridding our systems of illusory grudges accumulated over time. Thanks to the "Sacred Heart" Necklace, it is possible to receive almost immediately all its benefits by transmitting diffuse curative suggestions on the intimate physical and psychic body, which also allows a silent elimination of the useless blocking egregores crystallized for a long time in the entropic tissues allowing then a restoration of the sense of "being". Finally Labradorite always helps us to see situations more clearly.


✹ ✔ TAILLE DU COLLIER : 50 cm / 65 cm ✔ MATÉRIAUX : Pierre labradorite

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