"Royalty" necklace in Lapis-Lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
"Royalty" necklace in Lapis-Lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
"Royalty" necklace in Lapis-Lazuli - Moonstone Pendant

"Royalty" Lapis-Lazuli necklace

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A Lapis Lazuli Royalty Necklace - The Splendor of the Tirelessly Eternal Jewel

This Lapis Lazuli Royalty Necklace is made up of a single 40 cm long pendant, which makes it the ideal adornment for lovers of precious stones and timeless accessories. Lapis Lazuli is a good thing because it offers great benefit from an energetic point of view, activating the aura of its owner and stimulating the 3rd eye chakra. Lapis-Lazuli has a very powerful energy, both providing comfort in depressive states and in attention disorders. It is considered one of the greatest sources for reconnecting to our spiritual essence, helping to bring out extrasensory abilities and to manage one's masculine energy well. In addition, it leads to significant support of the endocrine glands ensuring proper functioning of the vocal cords, relieving sore throats, migraine pain as well as occasional cases of skin problems or menstrual irregularities. Our necklace gives a precious help which explains why it is very popular among the majority of stones used in lithotherapy. It is possible to wear the necklace all day or only in the evening before going to bed to obtain a deep appeasement and relaxation of thoughts in order to reach an optimal state in everyday life. You will then be able to regain your emotional balance thanks to the precious benefits of Lapis Lazuli!

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