Rose Quartz Stone Fragrance Diffuser Necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Collier diffuseur de parfum en pierre Quartz rose
Collier diffuseur de parfum en pierre Quartz rose

Rose Quartz Stone Fragrance Diffuser Necklace

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Discover the Perfume Diffuser Necklace in Rose Quartz Stone to experience a Moment of Pure Well-Being!

The Rose Quartz stone fragrance diffuser necklace offers a close connection between the physical and spiritual world, in addition to a powerful therapeutic effect. The vibrational frequency of this stone is of a very special nature and provides inner peace and calm. The BENEFITS OF ROSE QUARTZ are particularly known in the case of heartache or skin problems. This necklace is worn in a length of 40 cm, with a gold / silver coated stainless steel chain on which is suspended a calibrated natural rose quartz. The chain also includes a link clasp that allows up to 2mm extension for a better fit. Rose Quartz is known to contain very high energies that can neutralize negative energies from the physical plane and increase the vibrational frequency of love, thereby decreasing emotional trauma related to stress, unfathomable tears or the most stubborn negative emotions. It is known to help guide our own known matters as heart systems or adrenal glands for long periods of time such as those of climate change or the course of the female menstrual cycle without changing the inner dialogue. The Rose Quartz Stone Perfume Diffuser Necklace helps you fill your emotional wounds and greatly intensifies your production of serotonin and other hormones while offering a particular symbolic "pink" color that acts as a remedy to relieve certain superficial burns and small obstacles that have baffled passionate production at the intimate level, which you will benefit from with this aid of our fragrance diffuser necklace

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