Rhodonite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Rhodonite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Rhodonite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant

Rhodonite wrap bracelet

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Find the Ideal Rhodonite Wrap Bracelet to Complete Your Style

The Rhodonite Wrap Bracelet is derived from the profound properties associated with this type of stone. This bracelet contains manganese, a component that helps to balance your emotions and your mind, helping you through a difficult period after bereavement. Rhodonite connects to the heart chakra, supporting the process of letting go of old attachments in order to increase unconditional love. All the RHODONITE BENEFITS that our bracelet wrap with stone brings us are simply incredible! They work wonders to soothe insect bites, passionate bruises and soul wounds in general. Rhodonite is part of the list of stones that soothe and nourish the qualities of the heart: mutual understanding, harmony, unconditional love etc... Moreover, thanks to its good circulation of the energy of your physical and spiritual body, it compresses negative feelings such as fear or anger. Extracting rhodonite's healing profile offers us invaluable help: it considerably improves blood circulation and helps muscle tone, restores our auditory affections which facilitates our cardiac coherence and controls our own vital forces for a better conception of our own worth. Blessed with the intersection of feminine and masculine energies, it enables maximum harmonization and total aura purification, boosting your positive energy by placing the user at the center of his or her solution.

✹ ✔ LENGTH: approx. 16.5 cm + 3 adjustment loops ✔ MATERIALS: rhodonite stone, metal

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