Rhodonite "Reconciliation" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Rhodonite "Reconciliation" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Rhodonite "Reconciliation" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Rhodonite "Reconciliation" ring - Moonstone Pendant

"Reconciliation" Rhodonite ring

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Charming Rhodonite Ring for an Ideal Reconciliation

Rhodonite is an ENERGY stone. It contains manganese and is well known for its heart chakra and cardiac coherence qualities. One of the BENEFITS OF RHODONITE is that it is a stone that promotes emotional and mental balance. It helps heal wounds, including those of the soul, and promotes mutual understanding between partners. Rhodonite also strengthens your self-worth and feelings of unconditional love. This stone is beneficial to the body, as it can reduce insect bites, improve blood circulation and muscle tone, soothe ear ailments and boost our masculine energy. It can also help people who have just experienced bereavement or a painful confrontation to regain good energy circulation and re-establish what we call "harmony". Embody unconditional love with the Rhodonite "Reconciliation" Ring: enrich your daily life by taking full advantage of the benefits of this precious stone. Rhodonite makes it easier for you to achieve cardiac coherence, maintaining a harmonious balance between your feminine and masculine energies. Give yourself a new lease of life and look forward to the possibilities offered by this precious stone's considerable harmonizing virtues!


✹ ✔ SIZE: 7 (adjustable) ✔ MATERIALS: Rhodonite stone Ring size guide

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