Bague en or "Providence" en il de tigre
Providence" ring in tiger eye - Moonstone Pendant
Bague en argent "Providence" en il de tigre
Providence" ring in tiger eye - Moonstone Pendant
Providence" ring in tiger eye - Moonstone Pendant

Providence" tiger eye ring

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Give Yourself The Perfect Style With The Providence Tiger Eye Ring!

The Providence tiger's eye ring is a stone with unique and profound TIGER'S EYE BENEFITS. It offers the same benefits as the true tiger's eye form and produces a powerful form for making important decisions. This ring enlarges your emotional body and neutralizes bad night visions. Its protective action contains great strength to restore your eyes, as well as the other different aspects of your personality. Right from the start, your body will feel the strong action and influence of the yang, which will focus on the minutes all or the spiritual ego, but it will also be beneficial for shy people or those with negative emotions such as anger or jealousy. This stone creates a methodical spirit that helps to deal more quickly with problems of the digestive system. The tiger's eye ring helps enrich your patience and helps maintain a constant energy field with the aid of great intuitive strength. The Tiger's Eye Providence is specially designed to adapt to a certain type of natural environment, in particular to attract the sun's energy at crucial moments to amplify the flow of information from respectively to the central nervous system. Considering the potential of this crystal, it can serve as a protective wall against external negativity during the periodical inversion towards positive thoughts and unconditional love that normally attaches to the evolving spiritual postulate. Thanks to its distinctive, healthy vibratory properties, this truly rare stone can provide users with a feeling of intimate calm and positive transformation throughout the physical process.

✹ ✔ SIZE: 7 (adjustable) ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone Ring size guide

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