Amazonite "Prosperity" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Amazonite "Prosperity" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Prosperity" Amazonite earrings

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Enhance Your Look with Amazonite Prosperity Earrings

My Amazonite "Prosperity" Earrings are the perfect jewel to encourage and amplify the spiritually positive ENERGY around you. The beneficial BENEFITS OF AMAZONITE will help you clear up your inner dialogue and see the world from the heart's point of view. Imported directly from Brazil, Amazonite is a stone that offers a feeling of wholeness and harmony to put you back in touch with the reasons for your existence. Varying in color from blue-green to turquoise-green, this magnificent stone is considered a powerful mineral that acts on the heart chakra and offers benefits for general good health. The natural cell regenerators present in its components calm aggressive behavior and help to get rid of negative emotions such as sadness, bad mood or fear. Amazonite also sends out positive energy to encourage greater self-esteem and to find the appropriate use of one's intuition in order to achieve the right balance between one's soul heart intellect and mind body brought together more easily. This magnificent pair measures 3 cm with exotic oval-shaped stones available for special women who want to bring out their own characters with the Defensive Stone that unveils the true deep nature and intimate truths of the soul.

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