Projection Labradorite earrings | ecomboutique116
Projection Labradorite earrings | ecomboutique116
Projection Labradorite earrings | ecomboutique116

"Projection" Labradorite earrings

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Labradorite Projection Earrings - The Perfect Combination of Colors and Energies!

Labradorite "Projection" Earrings are beautiful accessories with health and wellness benefits. Labradorite is considered an all-encompassing stone, offering premenstrual syndrome women protection against abdominal cramps and better memories of the past. It also helps stimulate a global vision when focusing on a problem, eliminating negative energies and cleansing important elements. Labradorite calms the mind and soothes the body - ideal for those facing difficult times and seeking inner stability. Focusing on this stone's energy can significantly reduce stress levels, resolve respiratory problems, improve eyesight and encourage the easy emergence of new ideas. With particularly powerful amplifying and protective properties, labradorite enables people to rid themselves of isolated elements or unnecessary egregores that interfere with their personal and professional development during this difficult time. The positive vibrational properties enable people to move forward with their goals while feeling filled with a deep inner confidence that can be extremely powerful during these painful times. Wear one of our Labradorite "Projection" Earrings to reap the full benefits!


✹ ✔ SIZE: 2 x 4.8 cm approx. ✔ MATERIALS: Labradorite stone

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