Bracelet duo "Puissance" en il de tigre et Onyx
Bracelet duo "Puissance" en il de tigre et Onyx
Bracelet duo "Puissance" en il de tigre et Onyx - Moonstone Pendant

"Power" duo bracelet in Tiger's Eye and Onyx

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Discover the Power Duo Bracelet in Tiger Eye and Onyx

The wonderful "Power" Duo Bracelet in Tiger's Eye and Onyx is a unique piece that you will not be able to do without. A harmonizing alloy between the Tiger's Eye stone and the Onyx Stone, offering characteristics that are particularly beneficial to your well-being and your health. This exclusive composition is based on authentic materials: Tiger's Eye is an ultra-powerful protective stone that brings strength and courage to those who wear it. The size of the stones is carefully matched to a length between 0.6 cm and 0.8 cm. Its cousin the Onyx has an inconstant character, because this stone evacuates the negative waves sent by voluntary or not by other people. The numbers protective virtues of which it affirms are innumerable. With a length between 15 cm and 21 cm, this bracelet also has an "elastic" mesh for a better adjustment to your needs. This accessory will surely make a splash in the middle of a street or refined look thanks to its unique material provided by the marriage of Tigers Eye and Onyx stones. Thanks to the positive energies offered by these gems, you will be accompanied in the difficult moments of life, without the risk of suffering the stresses inherent in the harmful bad rays that can accompany everyday life. This is a duo that expresses the power contained in every human being!


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