"Passion" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant
"Passion" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant
"Passion" necklace in pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant

"Passion" pink Quartz necklace

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Give a Shot of Passion to your Look with this Rose Quartz Necklace

The "Passion" necklace in Rose Quartz is a long necklace that harmonizes perfectly with your physical and emotional level to help achieve inner peace. Its powerful vibrational frequency purifies the opening of limited spiritual channels, alleviating emotional trauma and emotional wounds. Its positive energy can work against negative emotions, neutralizing low frequencies and building tolerance and understanding. Rose quartz is known to have therapeutic benefits that can be translated into physical aspects as well as psychological crises. As soon as it touches the skin, the rose quartz releases a high vibration which reduces the cases of skin problems such as acne or even superficial burns, thus relieving the cardiac system. It can also help identify heartache and witness the course of their menstrual cycle over time. Finally, this rose quartz "Passion" necklace helps delay fatigue caused by a very long period of continuous stress by maintaining creative intelligence through inner dialogue and helping the adrenal glands. With a size of 40 cm + 5cm extension on a 925 silver chain (lead chloride), this Rose Quartz "Passion" necklace is ideal for intensifying your personal energy towards greater empathy, not only for yourself but also for others around you thanks to its high vibrational frequency of love which creates a close bond between your own subject and his entourage. A refined gem that leads to absolute benefits!

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