Bracelet "Optimisme" en il de tigre et Onyx - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Optimisme" en il de tigre et Onyx - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Optimisme" en il de tigre et Onyx

"Optimism" Bracelet in Tiger's Eye and Onyx

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Let's Elevate Your Spirit with this Tiger Eye and Onyx Optimism Bracelet

Our Tiger Eye and Onyx bracelet is ideal for people going through difficult situations. Tiger's Eye stone has long been used as a protective stone capable of attracting and bringing luck to fight against the inconstant nature of life and to neutralize the negative waves sent voluntarily or involuntarily. A stone that has an incredible number of protective virtues, deflecting all forms of malevolence and absorbing stress. Our bracelet will give you extra resistance during these difficult times and will give you strength, support, courage, and confidence. Onyx, on the other hand, allows the control of emotions and the body. Designed to support people by regulating their sensitivities, it is perfect for resonating with the positive energies that Tiger's Eye provides to increase your resistance to the difficult times that life can offer. A bracelet that provides protection and control in the most complex situations, your perfect partner if you want to overcome all kinds of difficulties!


✹ ✔ LENGTH: 18.6 cm (extendable) ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone and onyx ✔ BEADS DIAMETER: 8 mm

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