Onyx wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Onyx wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Onyx wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant

Onyx wrap bracelet

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Onyx Wrap Bracelet for an Elegant and Chic Style

The Onyx wrap bracelet is the ideal piece to combine elegance and therapeutic benefits. Made from black stones, symbolizing strength and protection and adjustment with silver studs, it is a unique jewel that offers endless possibilities thanks to the adjustment buckles. The Onyx Stone is famous for its esoteric properties, but it is best known for their real properties. Indeed, Onyx activates blood circulation and protects against dark thoughts, which promotes the development of extra-sensory abilities. It brings inner peace and promotes the release of physical tension while offering protection against psychological attacks. In times of difficult times, the Onyx wrap bracelet helps channel positive karmic energies and will promote a responsible attitude in order to maintain psychic harmony. Endowed with a soothing energy provided by the black natural stones, the bracelet allows its wearer to achieve greater stress alleviation, as well as an energetic balance between their nervous and immune systems which leads to inner calm. The solar plexus is stimulated with the nourishing presence of this stone, which leads to a phase called "denial" (of refusal) where it can counter hair loss or be used to harmonize the root chakras during a difficult period. Available in variable length according to the wishes of the wearer, this jewel gives all its privileged strength and protection.

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