Nobility" earrings in Lapis lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
Nobility" earrings in Lapis lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
Nobility" earrings in Lapis lazuli - Moonstone Pendant

Nobility" Lapis lazuli earrings

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Enhance your look with Nobility Lapis-Lazuli Earrings

The "Noblesse" earrings in Lapis lazuli are made with the majority of colored stones with recognized benefits for our world and our health. Lapis lazuli is a very rare stone found in only a few nations, such as Afghanistan. Not only does lapis lazuli offer an amazing range of intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits, it also has the ability to activate your 3rd eye chakra so that it functions in good condition. It is known as a good stimulant of the endocrine glands and an essential tool for the use of one's own Energy and highly advanced intellectual awareness. Lapis-Lazuli has a range of characteristics that make it special: helping to maintain proper vocal cord function and relieve migraine pain and sore throats; it offers help with skin problems such as acne; it brings great revitalization on the physical and mental levels, apparently remedying menstrual irregularities, balances male energy, extrasensory abilities and shares evidence of being an excellent observer. To achieve these healing properties, it can be worn as an earring or placed on the bedside table, or worn close to the solar plexus for relief from attention deficit disorder or Asperger's syndrome, or quickly travel its path to personal healing. Lapis Lazuli "Noblesse" Earrings are the ideal stone for those seeking extraordinary results in relation to deep intellectual feeling, clarifying one's own emotional states.

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