collier mystique en pierre de lave et améthyste
collier mystique en pierre de lave et aventurine
collier mystique en pierre de lave et quartz rose
Collier "Mystique" en lapis-lazuli
collier mystique en pierre de lave et oeil de tigre
Collier "Mystique" en onyx

"Mystique" lava stone necklace - 6 natural stones

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Mystical Necklace with 6 Natural Stones Benefiting from the Virtues of Lava Stone

The Mystique Lava Stone Necklace is a beautiful blend of 6 natural stones including Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Aventurine stone for a length of 48cm. It is quickly energetically recharged and will help ease an angry or nervous temper and increase our ability to approach things abruptly. It also helps us find solutions when we face difficult obstacles. Rose quartz is considered a stone of protection and is a divine pledge that will grant us growth and wealth if the wearer of this stone continues to seek perfection with ears wide open. In addition, the Aventurine Stone helps neutralize negative emotions such as jealousy, unease and resentment while contributing to a positive reconstruction produced by this Mystique necklace. Lapis lazuli are suitable for people who have stressful experiences or whose character is inconstant; they are very well suited for people who are starting a new adventure or have to manage several areas of expertise simultaneously due to work. Tiger's Eye will help those who feel clouded by their intimate outlook and disenchanted with the deep environment around them with the characteristics it offers to maintain a calming and refreshed state of mind. Finally, the discreet Friendship Stones will help give valuable assistance in the face of stressful and ancient forms of the complicated modern world we live in today.

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