Moonstone earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Moonstone earrings - Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone earrings

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A Unique Jewel: Moonstone Earrings

The benefits of Moonstone are unparalleled. They help release repetitive emotional patterns and purify the auric layers to reach a higher thymus level. Moonstone earrings are excellent for helping those going through a long period of great change, or those feeling depressed or hard. Worn around the neck, across the upper chest and at the base of the neck, they help to find a state of inner calm and peace, and bring a deeper understanding of your being. The powerful effect of moonstone earrings is rallied by their wearer to better open their minds and shape their outer world. Also, thanks to their special capacity, these jewels can be of great help during periods of hormonal change or premenstrual syndrome (water retention). The vibratory frequency of moonstone, while maintaining hormonal balance, creates a magical pendant that our body wears to achieve emotional expression. Our collection of moonstone earrings is based on this philosophy; to offer you the best possible help during these difficult periods and enrich your life!


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 3.5 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Moonstone, copper

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