Meditation Onyx and Sandalwood Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Meditation Onyx and Sandalwood Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Meditation" Onyx and Sandalwood Bracelet

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Discover the Meditation Bracelet in Onyx and Sandalwood, Perfect for Finding Calm and Serenity!

The "Meditation" bracelet in Onyx and Sandalwood is a refined and precious object characterized by very high quality materials. This jewel consists of Tiger's Eye, a stone prized for its protective properties, Sandalwood, which provides a feeling of calm and harmonization to its wearer, as well as Onyx Beads for their ability to block the negative waves sent voluntarily and those that surround you through more difficult times. This bracelet is made of several natural materials and is 20 cm in diameter and 3 mm thick. Thanks to these authentic components, it brings you an excellent natural antidepressant capable of cleaning up your mind in the face of stress and malevolence. You will receive lasting relief as well as clear mental clarity. Wear this beautiful bracelet to get a beneficial effect on your positive energy and treat yourself to this little luxury!

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