"Maturity" necklace in Amethyst / Pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Maturité" en Améthyste
Collier "Maturité" en  Quartz rose
"Maturity" necklace in Amethyst / Pink Quartz - Moonstone Pendant

"Maturity" Amethyst / Pink Quartz necklace

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Add Elegance and Maturity to Your Style with the Amethyst and Rose Quartz Necklace

The "Maturity" Necklace in Amethyst and Rose Quartz is a stone that offers essential help to the person who wears it. It can help all children, regardless of age, to understand and deal with negative emotions such as anger, resentment or resentment. This amethyst and this pink quartz act directly on your energy field to calm your angry temperaments and promote love in all its facets: understanding without judging, taking into account the aspirations of others, accepting the points of view of different people without reluctance... positive qualities such as love are emphasized by this necklace to provide a metaphysical feminine aspect. The amethyst stone has deep meaning as it symbolizes the spiritual maturity needed for the individual to reach a supraoptic state of consciousness. Rose Quartz helps activate intuitive dreaming and connection to spiritual planes to gain a clear perception of self and others. This allows to understand love in a deeper way thanks to rose quartz has special properties in its power over certain human defects. Our “Maturity” necklace in amethyst and rose quartz is beneficial for anyone wishing to find not only intimate relief from emotional difficulties but also to find strength, courage and insight in difficult times.


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: approx. 48 cm + 5 cm adjustment ✔ MATERIALS: Rose Quartz stone / Amethyst

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