Malachite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Malachite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant
Malachite wrap bracelet - Moonstone Pendant

Malachite wrap bracelet

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Unique Malachite Wrap Bracelet: The Perfect Gift for Him and Her!

The wrap bracelet is a fashion accessory and a benefactor of souls. Its power and its therapeutic virtues are recognized and make it the best tool to achieve a serene state of consciousness. Through its color, texture and vibrational frequency, Malachite is able to transform our emotional powers and the inner psychological order that keeps us in mental turmoil or emotional blackmail. It helps to restore the calm necessary to repair older traumas such as those related to childhood. Its restorative power plays a big role in taking charge of the physical, mental and spiritual planes. It will approach in a curative way all kinds of rheumatic pains while the immune system will be strengthened in the face of the different steps necessary for the detoxification of cells. Our wrap bracelet helps you get through your difficult nights thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its action on the ovarian cycle for women, also playing the role of an excellent remedy for healing fractures and improving general physical states. towards more harmony! Available in men's or women's sizes, it has two adjustable buckles to adapt perfectly to the wrist and best impregnate this energy with beneficial effects around the heart chakra!

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