Loyalty Onyx Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Loyalty Onyx Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Loyalty Onyx Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Loyalty" Onyx Bracelet

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Emblematic jewel: The Onyx Loyalty Bracelet to Wear with Style

Our Onyx "Loyalty" Bracelet is ideal for releasing our bad memories and our dark thoughts. The Onyx Stone activates a wide range of powers, starting with promoting optimal blood circulation and developing extrasensory abilities. It attenuates the psychological attacks and releases the physical tensions of the nervous system. This onyx can also stimulate our immune system and offer us a special inner calm close to our solar plexus, as well as better self-control in the face of difficult phases. The benefits of Onyx go further: it allows practical help in the face of problematic situations that attack our moral feeling; this is positioning itself for the best. On the other hand, it is a protection against unexpected karmic injuries, as well as a responsible attitude towards free will in the face of the light-dark cycle. Additionally, it regulates the root chakra and visibly soothes immune system pulsations that induce hair loss in difficult times where metastasis activates uncontrollably. Our "Loyalty" bracelet in Onyx stones measures 20 cm in circumference to provide additional spiritual help to each person who adopts it in order to reach their inner self until their full personal realization.

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