Intransigence" earrings in pink quartz - Moonstone Pendant
Boucles d'oreilles "Intransigeance" en Quartz rose

Intransigence" pink quartz earrings

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Declare your Intransigence with Rose Quartz Earrings

Intransigeance" Rose Quartz Earrings are an excellent way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this stone. This incredible mineral is intimately linked to vibrational frequencies that help us solve certain problems on a physical and emotional level. Rose Quartz has a vibratory frequency of love that helps support those suffering from heartache, deep sorrow or emotional trauma. It transforms negative energies into positive ones to help heal emotional wounds and regain inner peace. In addition, it offers great relief to women during their menstrual cycle, over a long period or for the duration between cycles. The BENEFITS OF QUARTZ ROSE are varied and will be specifically appreciated by your cardiac system, your own subject and inner dialogue as well as your adrenal glands. Beyond physical relief - such as nourishing superficial burns - rose quartz contributes to the development of natural empathy and creates a SILENT protective aura on the personal ENERGY AND PHYSICAL. Get the best of the benefits offered by our Rose Quartz "Intransigeance" Earrings, so you can finally enjoy the quiet yet powerful whisper of this stone!


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 5 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Rose quartz stone

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