Boucles d'oreilles "Hécate" en Labradorite
Labradorite "Hecate" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Labradorite "Hecate" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Hecate" Labradorite earrings

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Labradorite earrings: Les Hécate, imprinted with elegance and charm!

Labradorite "Hecate" earrings offer exceptional benefits for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome and for anyone looking for extra help. Labradorite is considered a protective stone that repels negative energies and helps get rid of insecurities! What's more, it can help reduce blood pressure, calm abdominal cramps and lower stress levels thanks to its powerful positive energy. These earrings are the best way to solve your breathing problems, improve your vision and memories of the past, and bring a global vision to more difficult cases. Make sure that this magnificent stone observes all the important elements that are necessary to bring you inner stability and a good evacuation of unnecessary egregores! With this pair of earrings, you'll be able to take better control of painful moments and enjoy the positive benefits it can offer. From there, you'll see the birth of new ideas for solving your respiratory problems and other difficult cases without the need for unhealthy external or internal influences! Choose "Hecate" in Labadiste if you want to reduce your moral or physical stress during the painful pre-mestrual period!


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 4.5 cm ✔ MATERIALS: labradorite stone, copper

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