"Heart" necklace in natural stones - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Cur" en agate noire
Collier "Cur" en amazonite
Collier "Cur" en quartz rose
Collier "Cur" en lapis-lazuli

"Heart" natural stones necklace

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Heart Necklace in Natural Stones: A Unique and Durable Elegance

This "Heart" necklace in natural stones is the perfect accessory to complete your look while offering you therapeutic and energetic support. Comprised of BLACK AGATE and ROSE QUARTZ stones which each have their unique beneficial properties, our necklace will focus on the heart chakra and bring its wearer a sense of harmony. Thanks to the energy field generated by the stones, you will find a good place even in the midst of difficult times and you will have the feeling that the Amazon warriors are next to you to help us. Whether in your workplace or simply on vacation during a good time with friends, our necklace will embody the great symbolic richness that represents the lineage of Amazonian warriors experiencing feelings of acceptance and no longer suffering from the feeling of solitude. This necklace is suitable for all age groups and will be especially useful for children who need to feel accepted in order to overcome their difficult states of mind. For those who are sometimes disappointed, AMAZONITE will provide them with an intellectual constructive analysis so that they can better manage the conflicting situations encountered every day. LAPIS-LAZULI will add its grandiose magic while ZOISITE will encourage the great thirst for knowledge inherent in everyone. Come honor the Amazon warriors and take advantage of the precious help provided by our natural stones, including that of friendship offered by our "Heart" necklace.


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approximately 45 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Lapis lazuli stone / Amazonite / Pink quartz / Black agate, copper ✔ WEIGHT: 5 g

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