"Heart" necklace in blue Aventurine / Amethyst / Fluorite - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Cur" en Aventurine bleue
Collier "Cur" en Améthyste
Collier "Cur" en Fluorite
"Heart" necklace in blue Aventurine / Amethyst / Fluorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Heart" necklace in blue Aventurine / Amethyst / Fluorite - Moonstone Pendant

"Heart" blue Aventurine / Amethyst / Fluorite necklace

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Heart Necklace: the Wonderful Combination of Blue Aventurine, Amethyst and Fluorite

We want to introduce you our Blue Aventurine / Amethyst / Fluorite "Heart" Necklace. This stone has mood swings that are very powerful and can help us deal with complex life situations. Mainly known for nervous temperaments, it can also serve as a guarantee of growth for those who have an abrupt approach and a very stressful workplace. Blue Aventurine is a precious stone because it helps with decision-making and keeping negative emotions such as anger, lack of clear ideas or angry temper under control. It also allows affirmation of one's ideas and is an excellent ally in the face of difficulties. In addition, it plays a big role in giving us courage in a new adventure such as professional orientation for example. As for Amethyst and Fluorite, they represent spiritual and cognitive development thanks to the properties they possess such as: protection against forms of stress, assistance with intensive intellectual work or even the harmonization of the auric field. Fluorite comes from the Latin "fluere" which means to flow in reference to light rays. As for Amethyst, this very popular gem is called fluorspar in Latin, this simply means "fluorine stone". Wear our Blue Aventurine/Amethyst/Fluorite "Heart" Necklace for practical assistance through difficult times as well as for spiritual advancement!


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approximately 40 cm + 5 cm extension ✔ MATERIALS: Blue Aventurine stone / Amethyst / Fluorite, copper

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