Heart Amazonite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Heart Amazonite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Heart Amazonite Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Heart" Amazonite Bracelet

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An Amazonite Bracelet with the Symbol of Love and Fidelity: The Heart

Give yourself or a loved one the "Heart" Bracelet in Amazonite, a pretty and precious stone from a range rich in energetic qualities. Amazonite Stone and its transparent green hue contribute to your overall good health and mental clarity to overcome everyday challenges. The benefits associated with amazonite are numerous, it allows the right balance between aggressive behavior and inner dialogue, it helps to reduce negative thoughts such as anger and frustration and incites feelings of wholeness and a better sense of self-esteem. self. Stone sizes vary on a bracelet but a standard size is 8mm in diameter. Energetically, Amazonite helps our bracelet to purify the heart chakras through the harmonization of internal organs by facilitating cell regeneration so that our well-being is maintained for as long as possible by eliminating physical and mental disturbances. Amazonite Stone also has protective properties that encourage the world spiritually while spreading positive energy when you need it most. The reasons for your existence become more easily accessible through the positive affirmations it helps us to internalize in order to amplify the good vibrations that influence the life force for the Soul's true communication with its Higher-Self based on the use intuitive. Our Amazonite "Heart" Bracelet will then be able to contribute significantly to the defensive powers that link our old metaphors of the past of Happiness with its just cause: To find Happiness by its initial form designed by God for ALL!

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