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Green Aventurine Bracelet | ecomboutique116

Green Aventurine Bracelet

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Affirm your style and individuality with a Green Aventurine Bracelet!

Our Green Aventurine Bracelet is an essential accessory to make the most of the many benefits of this magic stone. As a very successful set, it features 8 carefully sanded and polished green aventurine stones, each of which measures 1/2”2 to 2 cm and displays an irregular round shape specific to the stone itself. Wearing a green aventurine bracelet will help heal ailments related to the heart chakra such as stress and emotional shocks related to love or different human relationships. It also helps relieve muscle aches, ailments of internal organs related to the functioning of the heart and provides great help with the deep fears that so many people lodge deep within themselves. The calming and protective properties release anxiety from the first use, bringing a good dose of self-control that encourages the wearer of the bracelet to accept what is happening with more wisdom and acceptance to better navigate every complicated situation they may encounter on a daily basis. . Green Aventurine is recognized for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects that stimulate the human body's natural ability to maintain its own physical health through constant and peaceful emotional grounding. Not only does its powerful feminine energy make it possible to soothe all kinds of suffering linked to heartache, but it also allows the carriers of painful physical or psychic areas established over a long period in their bodies to finally find a healthy inner harmony conducive to to take care of oneself while feeling freed from any negative charge accumulated for so long. The Green Aventurine Bracelet therefore offers a large number of spiritual benefits by helping.

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