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Garnet ring - Moonstone Pendant
Garnet ring - Moonstone Pendant
Garnet ring - Moonstone Pendant
Garnet ring - Moonstone Pendant

Garnet ring

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A Precious Jewel: The Garnet Ring

Our Garnet ring offers many benefits to its wearer. It contains powerful energy, and activates Kundalini energy. This bloodstone provides essential spiritual inspiration, helping to release accumulated emotional pain and boost spiritual ascension. The willpower of its wearers, which is necessary to overcome the challenges and disappointments of life, is maintained by garnet. It helps purify the blood of accumulated toxins that cloud self-love and awareness of love for others. Our Garnet Ring acts strongly on the energy system to play a vital role in all stages of life; this starts with the root chakra to give strengthened masculine energy so that the sexual organs function properly while we go through difficult trials or cases of complete crisis. More specifically, certain sexual pheromones that have been erased over time are regained with this harmonizing stone, enabling the all-important sexual understanding within the couple. Sadness is dispelled, because this spiritual force brings motivation and ambition to every incidental life event, as well as to every effectively maintained physical one.


✹ ✔ SIZE: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ✔ WEIGHT: 0.9 g ✔ MATERIALS: Garnet stone, Zircon, 925 sterling silver, gold-plated Ring size guide

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