Garnet "Invulnerable" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Garnet "Invulnerable" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant
Garnet "Invulnerable" Necklace - Moonstone Pendant

Garnet "Invulnerable" Necklace

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Face the inevitable with the Invulnerable Garnet Necklace

The “Invulnerable” Garnet Necklace is a powerful source of energy that helps you heal from difficult emotional trials and life's great disappointments. In addition to the benefits of Garnet, this very special necklace offers increased blood circulation and a self-healing power of your body thanks to the toxins contained in the blood. Garnet, a blood stone, helps awaken masculine energy by working with the root chakras and sexual organs. It allows to increase sexual understanding, to purify oneself while diffusing a harmonious physical and energetic vibrations thus contributing to stimulate the spiritual ascent and to reinforce the awareness of love. This energy provides additional strength that will initiate the awakening of kundalini energy which can be very powerful in critical times whether personally or professionally. The particular mineralogy of garnet provides the benefit that this stone has on our overall energy system as well as helping to digest sadness more easily. It provides a feeling of openness to sex pheromones while giving more strength to get through this difficult ordeal in life that sometimes completely disconcerts us. Wearing the “Invulnerable” Garnet Necklace is an excellent way to stay protected in the long term and learn to control the body's nutrients, such as feelings, in order to be ready to face with joy and presence all our next psychological or physical challenges. !


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: 40 cm + 5 cm extension ✔ STONE SIZE: approx. 4.5 mm ✔ MATERIALS: Garnet stone, 925 sterling silver

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