Bracelet en Grenat et Perle d'eau douce
Bracelet en Grenat et Perle d'eau douce - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet en Grenat et Perle d'eau douce - Moonstone Pendant

Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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Enhance Your Look with this Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet!

The garnet and freshwater pearl bracelet is both a jewel and a healing weapon. It is a holistic treatment according to Hindu medicine to allow the woman to use all her strength and all her inner power to move towards her goal. This precious help given by our bracelet is rich in different spiritual virtues bringing greater energy to the wearer. The properties of the stone mingle with the benefits of freshwater pearls in buying and female body and mind awareness. The properties of garnet are multiple, suitable for various disorders both physically and mentally. The stone present effectively helps people who experience states of sadness, nightmares, nervous breakdowns or when lies and deceit occur while freshwater pearls fight against blood disorders and are the essential source to maintain a good level of vitality. In ancient times in India, it was said that by not wearing this bracelet, it brought not only courage but also inspirations to accomplish our life projects thanks to its mineral substances contained in the stone which cleanse our primitive primal instinct as by example that associated with the need or the survival instinct which alters our essential functions in the body such as our vision, in particular olhos cansados (trouble eyes).


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approx. 16 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Garnet stone, freshwater pearl and copper alloy ✔ PEARL DIAMETER: 4 mm (garnet) / 6 mm (freshwater pearl) / 8 mm (water pearl) soft at the end of the bracelet)

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