Boucles d'oreilles "Épanouissement" en Turquoise
Turquoise "Fulfillment" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Turquoise "Fulfillment" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Fulfillment" Turquoise earrings

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Turquoise Earrings: Treat yourself to a Real Moment of Fulfillment!

The "Épanouissement" Turquoise Earrings are made from one of the most beautiful materials to come directly from the depths of the earth: the stone that bears the color's name, turquoise. They measure 8 cm in length and are designed to awaken your spirit to the cosmic energies that can amplify your feelings of unconditional love and open-heartedness. By wearing these earrings, you benefit from Turquoise's benefits, described since ancient times for its effectiveness in restoring harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds. Turquoise attracts a sense of fulfillment and positively affects your emotional state, introducing peaceful behavior and promoting harmonization between body, mind and consciousness. What's more, it activates our ability to think accurately and make the right decisions with clarity, supported by the sense of non-judgment it embodies. This stone also has an antiviral action that significantly improves your immune system, as well as a powerful antidepressant role. On a physical level, it is very useful for treating sinus illnesses, blocked nasal passages or respiratory allergies, thanks to its monitoring action on our energy field. The Turquoise "Épanouissement" Earrings therefore provide an incomparable sense of general well-being, optimizing all bodily functions while maintaining excellent physical and mental fitness.

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