"Friendship" necklace in Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet - Moonstone Pendant
"Friendship" necklace in Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet - Moonstone Pendant

"Friendship" Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet necklace

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An Eternal Friendship - Offer this Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet Necklace to Your Sweetheart.

Celebrate your friendship with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet necklace. A modern piece of jewelry with a length of cm that will bring you both energy and positive vibrations to counter negative emotions such as the angry temper that we all go through. This necklace carries 3 stones filled with essence: Lapis-lazuli, a stone prized by several civilizations for its energy supply. Amethyst, considered one of the stones of friendship powerful to counter nervous breakdowns or even the oppressive inner world and Garnet known to be closely linked to the dynamic between will and survival instinct - which makes these three stones are perfectly suited to our daily life. The "Friendship" Necklace is made up of 7 mm mineral PEARL DIAMETER drilled and adjustable to the length corresponding to yours thanks to a non-allergenic metal chain. The particular characteristics on each of the 3 minerals will contribute to the following properties: intellectual analysis, discernment, great thirst for knowledge, even under pressure, honesty and honest interior life, vitality and memory. They will nourish in you a climate favorable to the active regenerating effects of CRYSTAL THERAPY!

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