Bracelet "Amitié" en Lapis-lazuli, Améthyste et Grenat - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Amitié" en Lapis-lazuli, Améthyste et Grenat
Bracelet "Amitié" en Lapis-lazuli, Améthyste et Grenat - Moonstone Pendant

"Friendship" Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet Bracelet

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A Unique Friendship Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet

The "Friendship" Bracelet in Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnet is specially constructed to wear these stones which come to help dissipate negative emotions such as stress and nervous breakdowns and which also bring spiritual balance. This accessory sends a message of support and comfort to its wearer for those who want to explore their inner world. So by choosing this bracelet, you let a luminous energy lead your daily life. Made of elastic materials, this jewel displays a total length of 21 cm when fully stretched and a diameter of the beads of 4 mm. The stones present on the bracelet are lapis lazuli, amethyst adorned with garnet. Lapis Lazuli is known to stimulate a great thirst for knowledge while Amethyst helps promote stronger instincts and combat the effects of an angry temper. The presence of Garnet makes it possible to better analyze our intellect, to have better discernment thanks to the logical process in order to find the true personal path with one's own convictions. Beyond the inherent extrinsic characteristics, the "Friendship" Bracelet in pure Lapis-lazuli, Amethyst and Garnetritual provides wearers with spiritual protection thanks to the properties of the minerals it contains: vitality, inventive force, honesty, memory, will tilt, etc... That's why it is called the Stone of Friendship You won't miss this unique chance!

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