Fluorite Necklace | ecomboutique116
Fluorite Necklace | ecomboutique116
Fluorite Necklace | ecomboutique116
Fluorite Necklace | ecomboutique116

Fluorite Necklace

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Glow of Fluorite: Enhance Your Look with a Fluorite Necklace

The Fluorite necklace is an excellent stone for indigo children and hypersensitive children, whether they are in their daily life or becoming aware of their own functioning. Fluorite benefits include mental stability, unblocking of emotions, and better knowledge of self and others. Fluorite aids in mastering one's thoughts and can provide exceptional assistance if you are trying to make important decisions or if your personal growth is hampered by emotional blockages. As well as being an excellent stone for working on a chakra representing access to intellectual abilities, fluorite can provide relief from muscle inflammation and the discomfort that goes with it. It can reduce dry coughs, properly regulate bad cholesterol levels, and even resolve certain bone diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. In its role as a very powerful mental protector, this stone protects our energy field against any inappropriate increase or decrease in psychological tensions or psycho-social environment such as that of work for example. Our Fluorite necklace will soon provide your body with a special sense of ease, calm and mental tranquility that we often crave but don't know how we can get there. Our necklace allows people who wear it to access better personal development thanks to its natural ability to support its understanding of spiritual knowledge which promotes the stabilization of vibrations on the body connected to the 3rd eye and the heart chakra as well as to the throat chakra. Fluorite is particularly effective in creating a soothing and relaxing sensation that will gradually alter neuroendocrine states thus allowing individuals to support followers with ease,


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: 50 cm + 5 cm extension ✔ MATERIALS: Fluorite stone, zinc alloy

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