Bague or "Floraison" en Amazonite
Amazonite "Floraison" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Amazonite "Floraison" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Bague argent "Floraison" en Amazonite
Amazonite "Floraison" ring - Moonstone Pendant
Amazonite "Floraison" ring - Moonstone Pendant

"Floraison" Amazonite ring

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Reveal your Radiance with this Elegant Amazonite and Silver "Floraison" Ring

The Amazonite Floraison Ring is the ideal jewel to help you find the right balance between your daily activities and inner harmony. This Amazonite stone is a highly active mineral whose healing properties can offer benefits to those who wear it. The Floraison ring has qualities very similar to those of a child's soul: it helps wearers to see the world from the point of view of innocence, and may enable people with aggressive or negative behavior to bring more love into their existence. It also contributes to inner dialogue and a better understanding of the reasons for your existence. Amazonite is linked to the Heart Chakra, and its vibratory characteristics promote positive emotions, a sense of fulfillment and greater self-esteem, which will contribute to your overall good health by promoting cell regeneration. Thanks to the intuitive use this stone makes possible, in cases of defensive need it will provide positive energy to compensate for negative tensions so oppressive behind your unconsciousness that they impair accurate perception and intuitive dialogue with oneself.  You'll find our Size Guide here to help you make the best choice for your size! On the other hand, this Amazonite ring will always love to be surrounded by its owner, as it will then have the embodiable power released by a flow of TRUE ENERGY that will serve its full physical and spiritual function to invariably hinder harmful environmental forces, nullifying all kinds of harm linked to physical and mental illnesses caused by our climatic conditions.

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