Fides Lapis lazuli earrings | ecomboutique116
Fides Lapis lazuli earrings | ecomboutique116
Fides Lapis lazuli earrings | ecomboutique116

"Fides" Lapis lazuli earrings

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Discover Our Magnificent Lapis-Lazuli Fides Earrings

Lapis lazuli "Fides" earrings are an excellent option for enjoying the exceptional benefits of this natural stone. Lapis lazuli is one of the main colored stones, as it acts on the physical and emotional body as well as on mental conditions. Lapis lazuli is highly beneficial for most emotional states, including bad moods, attention disorders and Asperger's syndrome. This stone activates the 3rd eye chakra, facilitating access to extrasensory abilities. A masculine energy par excellence, this stone helps fight sore throats and heal skin irritations as well as headaches, including migraine pain and menstrual irregularities. Its presence by your bed or bedside table reinforces its positive action for the proper functioning of vocal cords and endocrine glands. Lapis lazuli "Fides" earrings are a good thing to have at all times if you want to make the most of the powerful ET energetic characteristics this stone possesses. Thanks to our earrings made by a craftsman who has specialized in the use of lapis lazuli since ancient times, you can wear this beautiful stone very close to your body and take full advantage of its healing properties!

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