Necklace "Exquisite" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Exquisite" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Exquisite" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant

"Exquisite" Turquoise Necklace

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An Exquisite Necklace in Turquoise, to Enhance Your Look!

Don't let stress and anxiety ruin your day. Peaceful behaviors and an open heart can help manage stress, improve positive emotional state, and strengthen the immune system. The "Exquisite" Necklace in Turquoise is a simple way to make the most of it. The Turquoise Stone is rich in benefits for physical and mental health, including helping eye diseases, nasal and respiratory problems or promoting an antidepressant role, here we say, right? Thanks to its ability to assimilate the energy of your energy field, the Turquoise Stone brings more spirit of synthesis and increased concentration. When worn on a daily basis, it brings a feeling of general well-being, will refine clear ideas and non-judgment will make it possible to achieve unconditional love. Our "Exquisite" Necklace in Turquoise has unique energetic characteristics that offer a length (45 cm) with gold plated chain. Knowing these exceptional characteristics allow you to unite your spirit with the physical body to provide you with considerable advantages, in particular to awaken your heart to endure any physical alienation or spiritual fatigue.

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